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24 de noviembre de 2013

My quirks in the hobby


Today I want to write about my quirks in the hobby, they are several.

Before I begin, I'd like to make it clear that are my personal quirks and opinions that have nothing to do with specific dolls or people, so it's not my intention to offend or make anyone feel bad. That said, I begin:

White wigs: I hate them, I can't even see them  I know that many people appreciate them and have some white-haired characters, but I can't with these wigs and I'm very sorry. The doll can be beautiful, but for my taste, a white wig can ruin it and if the doll has white/pinky skin is worst (I think it suits better in tan dolls). I remember when I was looking for photos of the Homme Kirill and I found several photos of this mold with white wig and I got sick, it was to see a photo with a white wig and shouting like "horrible!", "awful!". I think that moment was when my hate for white wigs was intensified and that's why none of my dolls is "gray-haired" 

My dislike for white-haired comes from the anime world, white-haired characters have never attracted me because I don't like this hair colour for characters who represents young people. The only ones white-haired I like are Inu Yasha and his brother Sesshoumaru. Whenever I see white hair, I can only relate it with the gray hair and if it's albino characters, in my point of view, a very light blond wig is best instead of a nuclear white one xD If the character is fantastic as a demon, a mermaid, an alien or a hairy troll, then I can accept it better and maybe even I like it has white hair if it makes sense for that particular creature. For young human, a resounding NO. Even so, I respect to the owners of white-haired dolls as their dolls are also beautiful.

- Naked dolls: I can't stand to see photos of naked or semi-naked dolls for the simple fact that they don't have clothes. If they don't have clothes, you better don't take photos of them unless if its an artistic nude shoot, then it makes sense and you can take really beautiful photos. What I can't stand is to see photos where the dolls are naked just because. Even I have seen photos where the dolls are simply wearing a short T-shirt and their ass exposed. It gives me a bad impression and careless for photography. There are always people for everything who seems they don't care to show their dolls in that condition 

- Careless photos: With this, I mean photos badly taken by careless of details, not the skills of the photographer. I have seen photos with garbage, dirty clothes, damaged furniture, feet or hands of people (or even people in the background peeking through a door), neglected dolls with unnatural poses or background that aren't good for other reasons.

Messed up dolls: I'm very sorry to dolls in disrepair. They are very expensive to have them that way with a bad done face-up (one thing is that you're learning to do face-ups and other to make them wrong and/or with inappropriated materials), wigs misplaced without worrying about placing them well (I understand that long wigs tangle and not always look good, but at least to try to comb them with your fingers), poorly dressed and combined, dirty... As said, are very expensive dolls as to tread them badly.

Yaoi and Yuri: I'm aware that it may fall a rain of shit for this, but it's my opinion and who doesn't see it this way, I respect it and therefore, I also ask respect. I also want to make clear that I respect that group of people who like Yaoi or Yuri as everyone has their tastes and everything must be equally respected.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't like "wrong made" Yaoi and Yuri, that is to say to take a character of that series/anime/videogame/movie/or whatever and make it homosexual because that person sees it that way although the character has a couple/is married to a person of the opposite sex (or worst, to pair it with a relative). I'm sorry but I can't stand it  On the contrary, if the character, no matter if original or not, is homosexual and recognized as such, go ahead.

On the issue of BJDs, I don't like that in doll meetups people take a straight doll and pair him/her with other dolls to take them photos as if they were all homosexual and feel very pleased with themselves.  If someone don't like Yaoi or Yuri, them and their dolls have to be respected. Personally, it makes me feel ill and I can really get very angry if someone takes one of my dolls and suggests that he/she is homosexual as much as I explain that he/she is straight  If I say my character is straight, respect me as I respect characters who are homosexual, at no time I would tell to that person to make her/his character straight because I want to.

Clothing and shoes: I have a serious problem with it, my dolls have a wardrobe more extensive than mine and I don't know if laugh so as not to cry  In the section "wardrobe" you can see the wardrobe of each of our dolls (still missing enough to be updated). Why have I bought as much clothing and shoes? By monotony, I get tired to see them dressed with the same costumes and so, I needed them to have a lot of clothes to don't get bored myself. And so with shoes, each one has an average of 6 pairs of shoes. Fortunately all the big expending is done and I no longer have that "need" to buy more stuff for them. Will I buy more clothing in the future? I don't say yes or no, but those beastly orders have passed into history  Good thing is that having no more spending on them, I can enjoy them in another way and living the hobby for the part where it's not necessary to spend money.

That's all. If I remember more quirks, then I'll write another entry.

Thanks for you visit! 

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