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24 de febrero de 2012

Byron Profile


Mold: Angell Studio 'Van--Count Version '
Arrival date / Birthdate: 24th February, 2012
Skin: Solid white skintone 04
Size: 1/3 - 71cm
Wig: Leeke - LR-082_  Goldenrod 
Eyes: Angell Studio - EY1843 Green - 18mm (glass)
Face-up: Mine (Lily Skadi)
Custom: ---
Owner: My mother 


Name: Byron Sheridan
Nickname: ---
Age: Alround 200 years old / 25 when he was a mortal
Race: VampirE
Nationality: Irish
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Girlfriend: Maiko
Family: Wife and one son. Both dead. Danielle and his brother Shun are his descendants. 


Likes: Walking through old graveyards, full moon, the landscapes of his native country, mythology. Writing vampire stories. The taste of blood, 
Hates: Lars, sun, bright places.
Style: Metalhead, Rocker. Leather trousers, leather jackets, T-shirts with sinister pics, comfortable trousers, skull pendants, necklaces and bracelets with spikes. Sometimes he wears elegant clothing without losing the rocker style.
Favourite colour: Black. 
Favourite music: He likes classical music, hard rock/symphonic and power metal.
Personality: In part, he’s like a wild unscrupulous beast, but in the other hand, he’s a sensitive being with feelings of pain and culpability that cares about the few ones who he loves. He misses his lost mortality.
Features: He has pointy ears, though the character he's based in has normal ears. When he turned into a vampire, his hair and eyes became brighter. 


Story: When Byron was a mortal, he was a married man who had a little son. His wife died because of an illness he was infected as well, so Lars, an evil vampire, lied to him telling him that he had a solution to cure his illness and this way, he’d be able to look after his beloved son, turning him into a vampire. So he saw how his dear son grown up, had his own family and finally, died. He felt very upset and furious with Lars, so he spent his vampire life travelling looking for Lars for revenge. 

When he arrived to Japan, in part following his descendant and having the feeling than someone special was waiting for him, he met Toshi, a solitary young demon who has always lived in the human world. They became close friends, as they were similar. Toshi introduced him Maiko, a medium girl, who he felt in love with; as they had the strange feeling that they have known each other since the beginning of their life (the secret is that Maiko is Byron’s dead wife reincarnation).

When Danielle was turned out a half vampire, he felt upset, as she’s his descendant and knew how much she would suffer being a monster. Now, together, they want to take revenge on Lars for destroying their lives, though they try to have a life as normal as possible.


Byron is one of my oldest characters. I created him around the year 2000 as inspiration of Lestat ("Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice), though I’ve tried to give him other different features. His physical appearance hasn't hardly changed in all these years, except that the character has been defined better.

At first I didn't had a story for him, it was just a vampire who had his personality defined and little else. When I created Toshi, Danielle and company, I decided to add the vampire in the same story.

by LILY SKADI (a.k.a. Diabolikal Lily)
 (Artworks drawn by me 2011-2013) 

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