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8 de febrero de 2014

Recast (English)

I'm back with another of my reviews that I enjoy writing. As always, I clarify that's just my personal opinion and no offence intended. That said, to the point.

Much has been said about recasted dolls, both in forums and social networks, and so far I haven't clearly expressed my personal opinion about it, except for a small review in the forum "Café Articulado" that I'll write about in other moment. So, what's my position? As a picture is worth a thousand words:

This poster has been made by the partner of the Creature Dolls doll artist for the LDoll 2013 and circulated onc facebook to make people aware about how unfair recast is, though I found the image on tumblr., which is circulating enough. The message perfectly expresses my point of view towards recast.

And that's what they do, steal ideas and work of the original esculptors making a profit at their expense. I think is a falsehood to support recast as it takes credit to the original work. As an illustrator, I know firsthand what it's to have the fear that somebody will steal your ideas and benefit from it.

I know that many pro-recasters attack with arguments as "companies don't treat us us well and they sell their dolls more expensive". However true that may be, it's not a reason to justify something that is illegal. I've had bad experiences with some companies as well, but that hasn't given me reasons to make me go to the illegality much they deserve it, I just don't buy their goods again. If these companies close or bankrupt, not only hobbyists lose, the first casualties are those people who work for that company that makes dolls while you give money to people that make profit through illegality. In cases such BJD artists as Creature Dolls, recast hurts them more and I know that these artists dolls are even more expensive than in many Chinese or Korean companies and people buy their dolls, making a great fuss when these BJD artists are affected by recast. I think is just as unfair, whether affects is a big company, a small one or a doll artist. 

I have read arguments in favor of recast as "they are quality dolls" or "they're cheaper, why to pay more for the same mold?" o "this is a limited mold and I couldn't get it otherwise". From my point of view, that's how I see it: 

1. I have never had a recast doll in my hands even though I know people who have, so I couldn't comment. Although I doubt that something that has been illegaly manufactured to have the same quality, or better, to the original work. What I can say, is that I have read information by various means and have read experiences as recast dolls usually have their factions modified because when they're recasted, they lose details that must be redone. I have also read that some people who have bought their recasted doll, then have doubts that those dolls are actually made of resin, giving even cases that have come to the conclusion that it's resin mixed with other plastics, and for that reason seem to be heavier or visually of better quality than the original.

When I went to an event at the restaurant Han-Na in April 2013, Aikoneko (official Leeke dealer in Spain) explained to us other problems about recast. Note that you may get a smaller doll than expected because it's made with pieces recasted once or more times, therefore, are copies of a copy, or even recasted two or three times. Logical that these pieces will decrease in size and lose details that the original one have. And something to keep in mind, if you want to buy an original piece for that recasted body/head, you may find the surprise that the colour doesn't match, or worse, the pieces don't fit. If we already have the problem with colour with original pieces, I hate to think what could happen with recasted ones.

Another point to consider, is that when you buy something illegal and in customs discover is an illegal product, they can destroy it regardless of the money that has been invested in it. I ignore if anyone has had this experience, but it's something that can happen  perfectly and you have no right to claim because you have bought something illegal that you're trying to import. Remember that this is a counterfeit product that pretends to be original because the brand and the original mold name are used and we know that even certificates of authenticity and boxes have been counterfeited too.

I know that China is the country where more counterfeits are made, but we must remember that in Spain (as it's where I'm living) is illegal to buy and sell counterfeits and that's what you should consider.

2. Are they cheaper? Nothing to argument. Apparently, lately the recast issue isn't longer as profitable as time ago as recasters have seen the business and want to get even more benefit from it, anyway, I won't argue that these dolls are much cheaper. But who has money to buy recast, has to buy an original one. Of course you should save for longer to get the original; it's just about patience and instead is better to say "I don't have enough patience to save for longer and I don't want to spend more money in the original one although the recasted doll comes with defects". Yes, I know of cases where orders have been a nightmare because when dolls came, they have been a fraud by not having the desired quality. I guess this is like the lottery, there might be cases in which the doll is perfect and other that not.

As said, who wants a BJD, save and buy an original one because eventually all win. We must remember that illegal and cheap always come out expensive. If someone really needs money, never, and I repeat, never is going to spend it in something as unnecessary and as expensive as a BJD as this is a a whim and whims must be paid.

3. As for limited molds, precisely there is the point, to have the original limited. I know that impatience and infatuation can be the motive to buy the (non as) limited recasted mold. Personally, I wouldn't buy a recasted limited doll, no matter how much I like it. Of course that there are some limited dolls I like and if in a moment of madness I would want to get one that I currently like, I would directly go to the marketplace. If not found, bad luck, I don't get it. No one will die for not having that limited doll, remember that this is primarily something material and there are far more important things than a piece of resin.

4. By de way, to buy recast  does considerable damage to this hobby. Just have to see how the marketplace is. Nobody is wary of buying a mold is known that has been recasted and we all know of cases in which recasted dolls have been sold as original. Does is really worth to keep buying and supporting recast? Do hobbyists who buy recast really want to destroy the hobby this way?

5. A few days ago I visited on of the pages where SOOM sells its dolls and I found this advertisement:

Click on the image to read the text:

I know there are people who have had bad experiences with SOOM, so don't take it so personally and think that this is happening not only with SOOM, also with companies as Luts, Iplehouse, Fairyland or Dream of Doll. Although I ignore if this ad is real or have been made to scare, I'd wish these research were true.

6. If I'm not right, tell me: If we are in this hobby is thanks to the photos we've seen of the original molds, either official photos or taken by other hobbyists. If not for that original mold we felt in love with, we wouldn't have known this hobby. Perhaps there's someone who knew it thanks to recast, but I doubut there are many cases. That means that we love BJDs thanks to the original molds. No original mold = no recast.

Yes, I know there's pirated goods of almost everything, what I must say that I find it equally shoddy. I'm not a person who has a lot of money and fortunately, I don't like brands and in this regard I doesn't care if I can't buy an expensive good, but neither I buy counterfeit goods just because they're cheaper. What I mean, is that the sale of counterfeits seems just as bad whether recast BJD's as a faked Gucci handbag, for instance.

To end, I hope this make someone think. When I started in the hobby, recast struck me out curiosity, but it was something that didn't convince me because of the issue of illegality. Of course that you can buy dolls where you want,  everyone is free to choose where to spend their money as their reason will have to do it and in their conscience is. This isn't a hunting of recast buyers and  defenders, and neither I'm goin to say that people who have recast are "second rate hobbyists" because we all love these dolls and respect comes first. As I've said, I have friends who have recast BJDs and they know that I respect both themselves and their recast BJDs. Remember that the important thing is to enjoy the hobby and respect others, have original or recast dolls.

What do you think? Are you in favor or against recast? Or perhaps are you neutral? If you want, you can share your opinion, but I only ask for one thing: respect. I don't want to see discussions or swear words toward anyone because this is just an exchange of point of views and any comment that is disrespectful of offensive will be deleted or won't be published.

Thank you for your visit! 

Have a virtual lollipop if you have read this long text.

4 comentarios :

  1. Lily, this is a subject I feel strong about. As far as I'm concerned, recasting is stealing (yes, stealing someone else's ideas & livelihood) and when you buy recasts you are buying stolen property...both are illegal and liable for prosecution.

    Anyone getting caught at purchasing these (and those silly enough to admit buying them publicly...like in forums, will get caught eventually) deserve any punishment they receive.

    Unfortunately, some of the new collectors of BJD's don't always realise they are buying a recast, especially when buying on the second hand market. So I think we must continue to push the idea of purchasing DIRECTLY from the original supplier, OR only buying a second hand doll when it can be supplied complete with it's original box and certificate.


    1. Hi Sandi!

      Glad to read your opinion, thanks for sharing ^^ Yes, recasting is stealing and that's illegal, so I can't understand why people keep purchasing these dolls as happily.

      In Spain, is now very common to see pics of recast BJDs in Spanish forums, as they're free to do it. The only thing the moderators ask is that owners specify that those dolls are recast and can't be sold in the marketplace. For selling, there's a specific forum made for that. Anyway, they're getting and selling something illegal and should be punished.

      Yes, that's the bad point, that some new collectors of BJDs have been scammed when buying on the second hand market. As you've said, we must continue to push the idea of purchasing legitimate BJDs, either from the original supplier (or official dealers) or used ones with it's original box and certificate.

      Hugs, Lily

  2. 100% de acuerdo!! Cuando empezó todo esto del recast no sabía cómo tomármelo. Primero pensé que sería una ventaja, por el precio. Enseguida me pregunté cuál era la gracia de tener una muñeca falsa cuando eres coleccionista de muñecas. Además, detrás de cada muñeca hay un escultor que vuelca toda su creatividad y hace arte. No se trata de una muñeca clónica de supermercado con diferente pelo y ropa, como una Barbie o una Bratz, son muñecas especiales y de una categoría superior. Al ser un producto de colección no veo la excusa de comprarla falsa. Ninguna de las excusas que me planten delante me valen. ¿Es más barata? Y qué? Siendo falsa ya no es objeto de colección. No somos niños pequeñitos que les vale igual el "Mego" que el "Lego" porque van a jugar igual mientras le encajen las piezas. Se supone que es un hobby serio y somos adultos. En fin, creo que la gente tendría que pararse a pensar seriamente sobre todo esto, porque antes no existía el recast y TODO el mundo podía comprarse originales sin ningún problema. Tardaban quizás más tiempo, pero tenían su molde deseado. Y otra cosa digo, cuál es la excusa de esa gente que dice no tener dinero pero luego tienen más muñecos que yo pero todos falsos? Con todo ese dinero invertido podrían haberse comprado el mismo número de muñecos que tengo yo o puede que más, depende de quién.

    1. Al principio tampoco sabía cómo tomarme lo del recast ya que además, me pilló casi recién llegada en el hobby y aún no tenía muchos conocimientos respecto al hobby. Pero tal y como he comentado, me di cuenta de que era un error en el que era mejor no caer por muy tentadores que sean los precios de los recast.

      A mí también me llama mucho la atención que esa gente que dice no tener dinero para un original, terminen teniendo una colección descomunal de muñecos falsos que, haciendo cuentas, en muchos casos se habrán gastado mucho más dinero que los que coleccionamos originales. Todo esto me parece una locura sin sentido.


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