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25 de abril de 2015

20 Facts about me and the BJD hobby

This meme was opened in the Spanish forum "Café Articulado" and I found it interesting. Here are my curiosities:

 01   I don't like white wigs. I talked about it  here, and as I said, I can only accept that hair colour if the character has a reason for that. 

 02  My ideal size is SD (58cm up). It doesn't seem difficult to handle and transport for me and I transport them fairly well at home (in photo shoots of more than one doll, I can transport two dolls at a time). The smallest size with I feel comfortable is MSD. Despite having two tiny, which are more manageable, is a size that I don't really like because they're so small. And I don't have temptations to try Yo-SD size.

 03  I prefer adult male dolls. It will always attract more my attention a good custom of a manly BJD guy (or a child, if there is nothing else) than a cute girl or little girl.

 04  I don't have a wishlist for years and neither fall in love at first sight with any mold. I've become immune and don't have temptations to bring home more resin (I know that many people won't believe it, but I don't care) XD 

 05  I don't like girl bodies with overdone large breast size and silicone like breast. Neither I like male bodies overly muscled and with veins (it's very disgusting for my taste). As also doesn't attracts my attention those male bodies that come with "extra interchangeable male parts" (you know what I mean XD) because I thing they're just completely useless (if any of my dolls would have came with these pieces, they would have been gone straight to the bottom of a drawer).

 06  Almost all my dolls (including my mother's) have their origin in characters that I created previously. Even long before knowing BJDs. The foxes and the baby girl have been the only ones who came without character. Although Daisuke came at first without character, he ended up becoming a character that I previously discarted. For the others, I looked for molds that fitted with the characters and as I'm not a person who falls in love at first sight, I had trouble to find the adequate molds in most of them, including Akane and Hiroki, who were created by us before deciding whether to have MSD or not. 

 07  I don't understand the way of living the hobby in which is to buy and sell dolls constantly. I can understand that maybe a mold hasn't met expectations, but with almost everyone? That gives me the feeling of insecurity and whim.

 08  Although I have attended a few doll meets, I quit going because I saw many things I didn't like and didn't make me feel comfortable. I prefer to meet my friends and if a doll meet is organized, should be 4 or 5 people maximum so that we would hang out with each other and know each other better. Definitely, big doll meets aren't for me.

 09  I am a perfectionist. So much that when taking photos I can spend a lot of time trying to comb wigs, as well as clothes fit dolls as realistic as possible and trying to get them the most natural poses, which kills me because they are dolls and they have their limitations when posing and makes me want to cry when I don't get that pose I have in mind.

 10  Almost all our dolls have their face up done by me. Although I don't have much experience, I prefer to redo the face up thousand times in the same head rather than to get on my nerves I know that I'd get if I would send heads to someone to do it and maybe the result is not what expected in person (has already happened with the brand face up) or have any problem with the face-up artist. 

 11   I always want to do original photo shoots and never get it. I end up taking the same kind of photography over and over again. In part, this is because I don't have much place to make scenery indoors and I don't usually take my dolls outside. 

 12  Despite having read and put into practice dozens of tutorials about taking photos indoors, I don't get a good artificial lighting. In my apartment is impossible to take photos with natural lighting because it doesn't enter nor a single ray of sunlight that gives enough lighting without reinforcement of artificial lighting. But I don't give up and continue practicing. 

 13  I dress my dolls depending on the season. I don't like to dress them with a coat in summer or strapless in winter. I realize they are just dolls and don't feel cold or heat, but psychologically, I can't do it.  

 14  I don't understand the consumerist obssession in the hobby. I think it's perfectly possible to enjoy the hobby without purchasing new dolls or things for them constantly. In my case, I set a limit of dolls to have and when fulfilled, I put aside the idea to purchase more. I think it's to get used to the idea and not falling into unnecessary temptations, as I mentioned in this post.

 15  I don't like customs of male dolls dressed in women's clothing, and less if they wear a dress/skirt. I don't find it cute dressing a boy like a girl if it doesn't have coherent meaning (for example, a costume party). For that, there are girls.

 16  Thanks to BJDs I learned to appreciate dolls. When I was a kid I hated dolls because they were the typical babies that taught girls how to be a "mom" (I never had that "maternal instinct" and already I hated those stereotypes and sexism) or where the typical "we are very cool" Barbie dolls. Now I see dolls as small works of art that you can customize to your liking and take the most of artistic. 

 17  Almost all my dolls represent teenagers and adults because molds that represent children doesn't attract my attention because directly, I don't like children. These kind of molds are cute, but not for having them. Daisuke is the only child I have because that's how I designed the character in the original story and I tried he wasn't the typical child, giving him a personality and tastes not typical for his age and this way to give me more interesting ideas. I find more interesting adult and more complex characters. I don't mention the foxes as children because they are tweens. 

 18  Shoes get me lost. My dolls have several pairs of shoes (you can see the whole collection here). They also have a huge basic wardrobe because I get tired to see them dressed in the same clothes, so if this year I don't put them a specific outfit, I put them the next year and this way doesn't give the feeling that always wear the same clothes.

 19  When I started in the hobby I paid more attention in "manga-anime" dolls with some realistic resemblance because I don't like "round" eyes in which the molds seem to have more eyes than face. Now I love realistic molds like Iplehouse ones and I would buy many of their dolls XD But, I don't have intentions to sell or change the mold of any of my dolls. 

 20  Although I said I wouldn't buy goodies for my dolls, see food (not real), furniture, various accessories, and so, finally I have bought several furniture (tiny size) among other things and I plan to make food and other complements for them, as well like to buy a couch for SD that MSD will also use.

Note: There are things that I haven't mentioned because I have spoken about them in other posts and I don't want to repeate myself again and again with the same issues.

Who dares to do this test?

Thanks for your visit! See you soon! 

2 comentarios :

  1. Hi Lily,
    Well that was an interesting read, though a lot of it I already knew about. :) Some of your thoughts are similar to my own, others, well I'm afraid we must agree to disagee. LOL! After all we cannot all be the same can we?
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Sandi!
      Thanks for reading. It's normal that we are all not the same, if so, then it would be very boring.
      Thanks, I had a very nice weekend, hope yours has been nice too.
      Greetings ^^


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