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28 de junio de 2011

Danielle Profile


Head arrival date: 14th June 2011
Mould: Clovera – Dollzone (Pink Skin)
Skin: Pink Skin
Size: 1/3 - 58cm
Body: 58cm girl (B85-001) - Dollzone
Body arrival date: 8th August 2012
Wig: Panta Middle Cut Blond & Black (Dollmore) - Vampire version / Eve Cream W068_L (Leeke)  - Human version
Eyes: Angell Studio - EY16024 - 16mm - Violet (Glass)
Face-up: Default
Custom: ---
Other information: I’m the 2nd owner of the mold. The first owner got the doll in June 24th 2010


Name: Danielle Sheridan
Nickname: Danni
Age: 19 years old (nearly 20 - she looks younger)
Race: Vampire
Nationality: Born in Japan. Japanese mother and North American father with Irish roots.
Sex: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Boyfriend: Toshi (a.k.a. Norlij)
Family: Older brother, Shun. Her parents are dead. Byron is her ancestor (great-great-great-grandfather), though they say they're cousins.


Likes: Cute stuff, Hello Kitty and similar, Internet, rodents (especially mice), fight videogames (she's that kind of person who insults to the characters and her game mates while playing games), reading manga (especially Shonen. The only Shojo she likes is NANA), doramas, having moments in solitude and listening to music.
Hates: Lars (the vampire who turned her and killed her parents), sun and heat. Being called "cute girl". "Princess dresses" make her sick. In a moment of ther life she hated being a half-vampire girl.
Style: Punk, though now and them she likes wearing clothes similar to the "Kodona" (male "Lolita" fashion) style. Usually combining black with some red, white, pink and/or purple. Tight pants, leggings, comfortable T-shirts, original clothes, chains, boots and booties (usually with plataform), necklaces and bracelets with spikes and/or tacks, "kawaii" accessories. She don't really like dresses or skirts.
Favourite colours: Fuchsia and violet.
Favourite music: Visual Kei, Gothic Metal. She's a fan of  VAMPS / HYDE
Personality: When she has a normal girl, she was shy, innocent, happy and loved to smile, now that she’s a vampire, she’s melancholic and has lost her innocence, awakeniher ironic and aggressive part that was hidden and doesn't hesitate to show it. She’s not very feminine and doesn’t think that she’s as pretty as others think. She hates being called "cute girl" or similar, but knows how to take advantange of her seemingly innocent appearance. Has a calm personality, but it doesn’t means that she’s submissive and does what suits her and if she has something to say, she does. She's quite stubborn and somewhat crazy in confidence.
Features: Vampires can go out at daylight though with some restrictions because their skin and eyes are very sensitive and need to be protected from sun and ultraviolet rays. They can eat food and drink water and other drinks if they want, but no longer detects the taste as before. Mainly because their sense of taste has dropped, but they love the taste of blood and fresh meat. As a vampire, she has vampire fangs, can see in the dark and has more physical strength and speed than a normal human.

When she was a human, her hair was a little bit lighter and her eyes were blue. When she finally accepted what had become, she cut her hair and dyed her hair with black highlights.


Story: Danielle was a happy innocent girl who lived together with her parents and had a part-time job in a library while she studied in the university. One day, her life changed drastically because of an evil vampire called Lars, who killed her parents. She managed to escape from the massacre, though she was finally caught by Lars and injured her to almost kill her. She was found lying on the floor by a young demon boy, Toshi, who took her to his best friend’s home, a vampire called Byron. There, the girl recovered from her wounds in a very short period of time and Byron told her in what she had become, a vampire.

Danielle felt in a deep depression, first because she’s lost her family and then, because she’s become "a monster". Thanks to Toshi and Byron’s care, who had to confess to her that they're relatives, she recovered from depression, though she’s not the happy innocent girl she used to be in past. Toshi and she are a couple now, so her new life has given her good things as well.

She left college and changed jobs, She now works in a bookstore run by Byron, specializing in supernatural themes.

Her current goal is to take revenge on Lars.


Danielle was born as a character born in 2003, shortly after creating Toshi. I designed her as a shy girl with long, wavy hair and violet eyes, with the idea that she was Toshi's girlfriend. She wore loose clothes and never got to draw her wearing a skirt because the character was pretty tomboy.

In 2011 I decided to have this character in BJD, so I bought a second-hand head sold by a girl from BJDoll, a Spanish forum. A year later I got to buy a body to complete the doll. From that moment the character was more defined. Although I bought a wavy wig, I decided to put her a wig that belonged to Maiko and none of our dolls used. I liked very much how it fit Danielle, I decided she had two wigs, with long wavy haired one and the shorter one with black highlights. Now she uses the long haired one very rarely, because it's her "human" wig "human", while the shorter is her "vampire" wig "vampire"

At first she became a dhampir because I created a story about vampire attacks and how they affect victims. In the end I decided that dhampirs are what they really are (children of a vampire and a human) and create two types of vampires; by blood and bite. Danielle belongs to the latter.

Her personality was also more defined, being shyness and innocence a part of her past to become a rebellious, lonely and someone who likes to manipulate the victims she hunts taking advantage of her apparent fragile and innocent look.

by LILY SKADI (a.k.a. Diabolikal Lily)
(Artworks drawn by me 2012 - 2015) 

For more illustrations, visit my pages on:



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