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4 de marzo de 2014

Shun Profile


Mold: Angel of Dream 'Hao' 
Birthday: 16 Abril, 2013 (date on his card of authenticy) 
Arrival date: 25th April, 2013
Body: Dollzone - 60cm boy body (b60-001)
Body arrival date: 26th November 2009 (it belonged to Toshi)
Skin: Yellow Skin
Size: 1/3 - 60cm
Wig: Leeke - ChocoBrown LR-132_E 
Eyes: Blue - Glass (-?-)
Face-up: Mine (Lily Skadi)
Other information: I bought a new body to replace Toshi's Dollzone body for an AoD one in order to improve the character because in my drawings, his body is quite similar to this one. His old body was kept for some months to ponder what to do with it and finally I decided to buy a cheap head could like. That's how Shun ended up becoming a BJD. A curious fact, I didn't think to buy directly an AoD head, just one I liked, so now it's like if Shun and Toshi would have exchanged their bodies


Name: Shun Sheridan
Nickname: ---
Age: 22 years old
Race: Human -?-
Nationality: Born in Japan. Japanese mother and North American father with Irish roots.
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual. 
Girlfriend: Doesn't have. He likes flirting
Family: Younger sister, Danielle. His parents are dead. Byron is his direct ancesor, although posing as cousins. 


Likes: Women, Maiko, fashion, being neatly combed and groomed, order, Internet, computers, technology, photography and cooking.
Hates: Lars, for destroying his family. Lack of style; he can't stand seeing people dressed like a disaster (he doesn't mind their style if they know how to wear it). Can't stand lack of punctuality.
Style: Stylish and fashionable clothing. Shirts, trousers, ties and suits. Stylish shoes and booties. Always with a modern and elegant touch. Neither rejects to comfortable jeans and a rock T-shirt without losing his elegant touch.
Favourite colour: White.
Favourite music: Despite his appearance, he likes Heavy Metal music (Death, Symphonic and Power Metal).
Personality: Looking serious, he's shameless. Is very flirty, curious, always willing to learn new things. Sure of himself and intelligent, but has very little patience and has many quirks. He has always been very protector with her sister, but since she became a vampire, he can't do it anymore because she's no longer the delicated girl she used to be and that causes them to have arguments. In the intimacy he's fun.
Features: Although he's a human, I'm not very sure what to do with him, if make him a lower vampire (slightly bitten by a vampire, giving him certain vampiric characteristics without being a powerful vampire like Byron or Danielle) or leave him as is.


Story: Shun was a young man who lived in an apartment with a couple of roommates and had a normal family, until one day everything went wrong. That fateful day, an evil vampire called Lars killed his parents and transformed his sister Danielle into a vampire just for fun and leaving her to her fate.

When he met her sister again, he found a completely different life. His parents had died, her sister had become a vampire and met an ancestor who never thought he would ever meet, Byron, his vampire great-great-great-great-grandfather.


Shun was born as a character many years ago, although I never drew him before having the doll. The idea that Danielle had a brother was there even though he was lost.

I didn't develop the character until I decided to have its doll version in 2012, so I thought of a name for him, his appearance and personality. After the arrival of the character as a doll, he began to develop as he currently is. He's still a character that I don't know what to exactly do with.

by LILY SKADI (a.k.a. Diabolikal Lily)
 (Artworks drawn by me 2014-2015) 

For more illustrations, visit my pages at:


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