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21 de agosto de 2014

Toothles (sitting) arrival - Llegada de Desdentao (sentado)

Today I make a break with the arrival of our Monster High dolls and I show you something different I have got without looking for it.

The day I went with my mother to the toyshop "Juguettos" and bought Venus McFlytrap and Skelita Calaveras, I stumbled upon the figurine I needed of Toothless! I didn't expect to find it in that shop because I haven't seen the collection of these mini-dragons in any physical store, only on amazon, eBay... at inflated prices (it surprises me there are people who pay +15€ for this one, I've seen that even sell it for +30€!). I didn't think it twice to buy this Toothless.

And next, photos of the box and my little Toothless:
Hoy hago un parón con las llegadas de nuestras muñecas Monster High y os enseño otra cosa que he podido conseguir sin buscarla.

El día que fui con mi madre a la tienda "Juguettos" y nos compramos a Venus McFlytrap y Skelita Calaveras, ¡me topé con la figurita de Desdentao que me faltaba! No esperaba encontrármelo en esta tienda porque no había visto esta colección de mini-dragones en ninguna tienda física, solo por amazon, eBay... y a precios desorbitados (me sorprende que haya gente que pague +15€ por este modelo, he visto que incluso la venden a +30€). No me lo pensé ni dos veces para comprar este Desdentao.

A continuación, fotos de la caja y mi pequeño Desdentao:

  Look at the price! ^_^    ¡Mirad el precio! ^_^

Out of the box:    Fuera de la caja:

So now I have three mini-Toothless: ❤
Así que ya tengo tres mini-Desdentaos ❤

They're small but very funny figurines. If I can, I'll try to get some friends for my little night furies. If it's not possible, it's alright.

In my next post I'll continue with the arrival of our Monster High dolls.

See you soon!
Son figuritas pequeñas pero muy graciosas. Si puedo, intentaré traer algunos amiguitos para mis pequeños furias nocturnas. Y si no puede ser, no pasa nada.

En mi próxima entrada seguiré con las llegadas de nuestras Monster High. 

¡Hasta pronto!

Thanks for your visit! ¡Gracias por vuestra visita! 

4 comentarios :

  1. These are adorable figurines! I love the photo of your three on the barrels!

    1. Thank you. It was funny to take that pic that you like ^^

  2. Hi Lily!
    Looks like we both bagged bargains this week! Your new Toothless is a cutie, I like the way his eyes are looking up at you. :) Have you seen both the movies yet? We saw the first one, but haven't (so far) managed to get to the second.

    1. Hi Sandi!
      Haha, you're right. Yes, I've seen both movies. In fact, I've seen the first one three times now. The second one I saw it nearly three weeks ago and it was lovely! Even I'm watching the TV series! XD


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