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10 de enero de 2011

Daisuke has clothes

Finally I’ve gotten clothes for Daisuke!! I didn’t need to spend much money to get these two outfits and I can coordinate them, as you can see in the 3rd photograph. The bad part is that I had to buy the dolls which wear these clothes ¬¬ Fortunately they were pretty cheap. I’d wish to find a cheap box with clothes for 14-16cm tall boy dolls at any toy store. No matter how much I look for, never find any T.T
Daisuke ya tiene ropa
¡Al final he encontrado ropa para Daisuke! Tampoco tuve que gastar mucho dinero para conseguir estos dos trajes que se pueden combinar entre sí, como se puede ver en la 3ª fotografía. Lo malo, es que tuve que comprar los muñecos que llevaban esta ropa ¬¬ Menos mal que eran bastante baratos. Me gustaría encontrar una caja con ropa para muñecos de 14-16cm en alguna juguetería, porque por mucho que busque, no encuentro nada T.T

2 comentarios :

  1. Hi Lily!
    Nice to visit your homepage again. I am always happy to be here and see new things from your life :) Hehe, I wish to read here also about your life, I know they are your life and it is very good, but it would be also very nice to read here about your life without Toshi & Co :) I hope you know what I mean :=)
    And it is nice to see how your own family is becoming bigger and bigger :) Daisuke looks nice, but to be honest I prefer another one, this sweet small girl :)

    Kisses for you Lily :)

    Yours Kate :)

  2. Muy bonita la ropa de Daisuke! Le queda muy bien!!! (*^_^*)


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