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12 de octubre de 2013

Green / Verde



With the excuse of the game "Rainbow - Green" from "Café Articulado", I have taken photos of Sam and Dean. I have the poor guys completely abandoned and the reason is because they pose TERRIBLY.

It's almost impossible to take photos of them without another pose than standing (and and looking after they don't fall to the slightest touch when I get to remain them standing) and with their arms expressionless, or sitting, and besides, they don't remain in this position if I don't put them something behind them so they don't fall. In addition, their legs twist, having their knees behind by little I touch their legs. They're a real horror, so very few pics of them you'll see here.

And now, I show you the photos ^^

PD: They're still wearing Daisuke's clothes, as they don't have their own.




Con la excusa del juego "Arco iris - Verde" del Café Articulado, he hecho unas fotos a Sam y a Dean. A los pobres los tengo completamente abandonados y el motivo es porque posan FATAL.

Es casi imposible hacerles fotos sin que tengan otra pose que estar de pie (y vigilando de que no se caigan al mínimo roce cuando consigo que se mantengan de pie) y con los brazos casi inexpresivos o sentados, que además no se mantienen de esta postura si no se les pone un tope por detrás para que no se caigan. Además, las piernas se les da la vuelta, quedando las rodillas por detrás por poco que les toques las piernas. Son un auténtico horror, así que pocas fotos de ellos veréis por aquí.

Y a continuación, las fotos ^^

PD: Aún siguen llevando ropa de Daisuke ya que no tienen ropa propia aún.

Thanks for your visit. // Gracias por vuestra visita.

2 comentarios :

  1. Hi Lily! I can imagine the frustration these two must cause you when trying to photograph them. I have trouble with my Gina, she has the most terrible kicking habit...sometimes I feel she could do with a good spanking! LOL!! But you must admit, they are both cute and appealing.

    BTW I am having a little give away, if you are interested drop by.

    1. Hi Sandi!
      Thanks for your comment. It's not good to know you have trouble with your doll as well, maybe she likes kung-fu LOL But I agree, they're cute and that's why they're here with me ^^
      Hugs, Lily


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