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19 de octubre de 2013

Toshi with new face-up / Toshi estrena maquillaje



As I wrote in a previous entry, I removed the default face-up Toshi had, making a new one and therefore, it was time to make a shoot of him showing his new face-up.

As I said, I don't like how his eyebrows turned out, although I think hiw new face-up is acceptable, with the one he has to have. Fortunatelly the wig covers all those defects I don't like of his eyebows.

You can see the new profile of Byron and Toshi. I'm going to update the rest soon.

Whitout further ado, here you have the pics of our my favourite Visual Punk.

PS: When all the pics were taken and uploaded in my computer, I realized that I placed wrong the background brick wall ¬_¬

In case you don't see why it's wrong, fake background brick wall shadows should be underneath the bricks, not above them.



Como ya comenté unas entradas atrás, le quité el maquillaje default a Toshi, haciéndole yo uno nuevo y por lo tanto, ya tocaba sesión luciendo maquillaje nuevo.

Y como ya expliqué, no me gusta como quedaron las cejas, aunque el resto sí lo veo aceptable, con el maquillaje que le corresponde. Suerte que la peluca tapa esos defectos que no me gustan de las cejas.

También podéis ver el nuevo perfil de Byron y Toshi. Pronto actualizaré el resto.

Sin más, os dejo con las fotos de mi Visual Punk favorito.

PD: Cuando las fotos ya estaban hechas y subidas en mi ordenador, me di cuenta de que puse mal el fondo de pared de ladrillo ¬_¬

Por si no sabéis por qué está mal, el fondo de falsa pared de ladrillo debería tener las sombras debajo de los ladrillos, no encima de los mismos.

Thanks for your visit. // Gracias por vuestra visita.

2 comentarios :

  1. Hi Lily!
    I think you did a great job, I still haven't started mine...and if you hadn't said anything about the wall I doubt if anyone would have noticed. :) I love the punk look you have given Toshi.

    1. Hi Sandi!
      Thank you. I posted photos of Byron (previous entry with same wall) in a Spanish forum and nobody seemed to notice about the wall, so they asked why it was wrong LOL. Nice to know you like Toshi's look, he usually dresses like this.


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