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23 de abril de 2014

Picasa Web, dark and grey photos fixed · Picasa Web, fotos oscuras y grises solucionado

In this post I mentioned that I confirmed my suspicions that Picasa Web darkens photos is true. Anyone who knows me, knows that I investigate to infinite to check for solutions to problems, so I decided to investigate to find out how the hell could prevent that Picasa Web edits my photos as it pleased when I don't want it to do it because I knew that somehow had to be able to do. When I upload photos, first I edit them in Photoshop and when I think that are more or less correct in my knowledge, I upload them and therefore I don't need any other program that would edit them because they're that cool.

After researching, I read in forums and other sites that many people had this problem and couldn't find a solution for it (even I read cases where directly they left their blog for this reason o.O ) until I found a solution for this problem I want to share with you if you have the same problem and you don't know how to fix it. As you know, both Blogger and Picasa Web belong to Google and I have always avoided having an active Google+ account because I don't like social networks and I wouldn't use it. Well, I've had no choice but to active that account only to fix this problem of dark and grey photos because they FORCE YOU to activate a Google+ account if you want to make these changes.

Once you have your Google+ account, go to http://google.com/settings/plus. Done that, search in "Photos and videos" and deactivate the automatic settings. As simple as that the problem of dark photos is fixed in the next photos you'll upload. I have automatic effects disabled as well because I have no idea what it does and as I said before, I edit my photos in Photoshop and I don't need anything that plays with my pics without my supervision. I hope it can helps you. My second choice was to upload all my photos on flickr and I'm using that account to upload some pics only. For my artworks blog I don't accept the option to upload my illustrations on flickr and I wanted to keep using Picasa Web because I find it more comfortable.

By the way, the next capture has the text in Spanish, but I guess settings are the same in English version.
En esta entrada comenté que confirmé mis sospechas de que Picasa Web oscurece las fotos es cierta. Quien me conoce, sabe que indago hasta el infinito para comprobar si hay solución a los problemas, así que decidí investigar para averiguar como diablos podía evitar que Picasa Web retocase mis fotos como le daba la gana cuando no quiero que lo haga porque sabía que de algún modo se tenía que poder hacer. Cuando subo fotos, primero las edito con Photoshop y cuando veo que más o menos están correctas dentro de mis conocimientos, las subo y por lo tanto, no tengo necesidad de que ningún programa ni ninguna página web me vuelva a retocar las fotografías porque son así de guais.

Después de investigar, leí en foros y otras páginas que muchísima gente tenía este problema y no encontraban solución para ello (incluso leí casos en los que directamente abandonaban su blog por este motivo o.O ) hasta que di con una solución a este problema que quiero compartir con vosotr@s por si tenéis el mismo problema y no sabéis cómo solucionarlo. Como ya sabéis, tanto Blogger como Picasa Web pertenecen a Google y siempre he evitado tener una cuenta Google+ activa porque no me gustan las redes sociales y no la iba a usar. Pues no he tenido más remedio que activar dicha cuenta solo para poder solucionar este problema de las fotos oscuras y grises porque sí, te OBLIGAN a activar una cuenta en Google+ si quieres hacer estos cambios.

Una vez que tenéis vuestra cuenta de Google+, entrad en http://google.com/settings/plus. Hecho esto, buscad en "Fotos y vídeos" y desactivad el ajuste automático. Así de simple se soluciona el problema de las fotos oscuras en las próximas fotos que subáis. Los efectos automáticos también lo tengo desactivado porque no tengo ni idea de para qué sirve y como he dicho anteriormente, mis fotografías las edito con Photoshop y no necesito nada que me toquetee las fotos sin mi supervisión. Espero que os sirva de ayuda. Mi segunda opción era subir todas mis fotos en flickr, cuenta que solo utilizo para subir algunas fotos seleccionadas y para mi blog artístico no acepto la opción de subir mis dibujos en flickr y quería seguir usando Picasa Web porque me resulta más cómodo.

For you to see the difference, I show you a photo I uploaded when automatic settings were activated and the same photo with those settings disabled.
Para que veáis la diferencia, os voy a enseñar una foto que subí antes de desactivar el ajuste automático y la misma foto con el ajuste desactivado.

Picasa Web:
Automatic settings activated  · Ajuste automático activado
Picasa Web:
Automatic settings disabled · Ajuste automático desactivado
As you see, the difference is noticeable. What is to say that their automatic settings are a real crap that not only ruins the colours, contrast and brightness of the pic, it also lowers the quality considerably.

Now this problem is fixed, I hope our friends of Google won't annoy after a while with another of their obligatory updates that have not asked permission for to accept because they want to.

Como veis, la diferencia se nota. Lo que viene a decir que sus ajustes automáticos son una auténtica porquería que no solo estropea los colores, contraste y brillos de la fotografía, sino que además le baja la calidad de forma considerable.

Ahora que este problema está solucionado, espero que estos señores de Google no vuelvan a fastidiar dentro de un tiempo con otra de sus actualizaciones obligatorias de las que no me han pedido permiso para aceptarlas porque sí.

Thanks for your visit! ¡Gracias por vuestra visita! 

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  1. Thanks for the info Lily, it's good to know. I must admit though, I am over the editing stage now, because if I make my photos look perfect on my computer (even with the adjustments you mentioned), they look completely different on my iPad. So it seems no matter what we do, it depends entirely on each individual computer screen and setting as to how people see the final photo.

    1. You're welcome, Sandi ^^
      The problem you talk about is due to each individual screen settings and we can't do nothing XD. As I have written in this post, the problem I had with the photos was totally different to this. I don't know how my pics look on an iPhone or iPad because I don't have, but I can tell you that now the pics I upload in Google+/Picasa Web look exactly like in my computer programs. Before, when I uploaded them here, they looked very dark, gray and with too much noise. If you visit my new entry, you will notice the big difference ^^


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