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7 de diciembre de 2015

Hiroki Profile


Mold: Dream of Doll DOC 'Homme Kirill'
Birthday/Arrival date: 29th May, 2013
Skin: Normal Skin
Size: 1/4 - 45cm
Wig: Dream of Doll - Black (default)
Eyes: Luts - G-DARK VIOLET (although they are blue) - 14mm (glass)
Face-up: Mine (Lily Skadi)


Name: Hiroki Sueguchi
Nickname: ---
Age: 16 years old
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual. 
Girlfriend: He doesn't want to complicate his life, so he prefer to flirt
Family: Parents and a twin sister (Akane) 

Likes: To tease his sister, video games, music, manga/anime, cosplay, drawing. To pull a prank and having fun. He likes girls and catcall them..
Hates: Boredom, seriousness, to study and maths.
Estilo: Comfortable clothing like hoodies jeans, T-shirts. He also he likes to wear shirts. Usually wears blue, gray, white and some black clothes. Sometimes dresses in Kodona/Ouji-kei style (male Lolita fashion)
Favourite colour: Blue.
Música favorita: Visual Kei.
Personality: He doesn't know what the word "shame" means, he is impetuous and if he likes a girl he won't hesitate to approach her and talk to her. He is very active and can't stay still for a moment, has a lot of imagination and is good at drawing.

Story: Hiroki is a normal boy who lives with his parents and twin sister. He studies, has his friends, likes to go out and have fun, goes to manga/anime/video games events and gos to "Lolita" Tea Parties with his sister, with whom he's very united despite they argue a lot.


The character was born before his doll version. I was mulling over the idea of having or not a MSD to clothe him with Kodona/Ouji Kei style for three years, I even created the character and gave him a name. Finally I decided to have the character in resin.

This character only interacts with Akane and doesn't belong to any story.

by LILY SKADI (a.k.a. Diabolikal Lily)
 (Artworks drawn by me 2014) 

For more illustrations, visit my pages at:


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