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8 de septiembre de 2010

F.A.Q. (English)

 About BJD's 

• What are these dolls?
Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJD) or Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls (ABJD).

• Where did you get your dolls?
They're from Angell Studio, Angel of Dream, Dollzone and Dream of Doll. Though we bought ours from Dollzone España with the exception of Danielle (Dollzone Clovera), as her head  is second hand. My sister's doll, which is second hand, is from LatiDoll.

There are a lot of manufacturers and shops where you can buy BJD's, you can find more information in this website: BJDcollectasy.

• I see they are online shops. Is there any other way to get them?
I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that there's not any other way, you can only buy them from online shops, eBay or the marketplace from forums about BJD's. At first is normal to be afraid to buy something as expensive from Internet, but usually everything goes well.

There are groups in Facebook, although I don't recommend purchasing through these groups.

• Where can I find out more about BJD’s?

Den of Angels is the biggest BJD forum in the world.
 You'd need an invitation to register and you should read their rules because the mods are very strict.
 If you're from Spain (or can speak Spanish), there are two forums that may be of your interest, BJDoll and Café Articulado.

• How did you make these dolls?
I didn't make them, we have bought them. As for their material, they're made of synthetic polyurethane resin.

• How much do they cost?
They can range from $100USD to $2000USD and upwards. It also depends of the shop, size of the doll, if it's a limited mold...

• They're expensive. Why spend so much on a doll?
Because I want to. They're fulfilling in every artistic endeavor I enjoy: photography and drawing. And it's fun to write their stories and creating their personality. And I love to have my beloved original characters as a doll. 

• There is the option of recast (pirate dolls). Why haven't you purchased recast being cheaper? 
Just because I'm against recast. If you want a more detailed answer, read the following post I wrote about it: [link]

• Are they completely customizable?
Yes. You can change their eyes and wig. You can remove their face-up when it's messed or you're tired of it and want a new one. There are quite outfits styles to dress your dolls, so if you want the doll of your dreams, BJD's are a good option.

• What face-up is?
It's the term for make-up for BJD's.

• How many BJD's moulds do exist?
Thousands! Seriously, I don't know how many they are, every day is a new one out, so they're countless. If you're searching for a doll with certain facial features, sure you'll find a doll which adapts to your tastes. Even there are dolls with animal extremities and/or body and fantasy colour skin (blue, green, grey...). Some of our dolls have pointy ears and/or vampire fangs.

 About our BJD's 

• How many dolls do you have? Can you list them?
I have 6 dolls, if you see 12 is because I share this hobby with my mother, who has 5. My sister has one tiny BJD as well. 

My dolls:
- Toshi (aka Norlij) - Dollzone Floy + Angel of Dream body - SD (62cm)
- Daisuke - Dollzone Leo - Tiny / Pet (16cm) -limited gift doll-
- Danielle - Dollzone Clovera - SD (small breast / 58cm) -discontinued-
- Dean - Dollzone Fox - Tiny / Pet (16cm) -limited gift doll-
- Shun - Angel of Dream Hao - Dollzone old body - SD (60cm)
- Hiroki - Dream of Doll DOC Homme Kirill - MSD (45cm)

My mother's dolls:
- Maiko - Dollzone Yage - SD (60cm) -discontinued-
- Mabushiko - Dollzone Event Christmas Baby C - Tiny (8,5cm) -limited gift doll-
- Byron - Angell Studio Van--Count Version - SD (71cm)
- Sam - Dollzone Fox - Tiny / Pet (16cm) -limited gift doll-
- Akane - Dream of Doll DOC Shiny Petsha - MSD (41cm)

My sister's doll:
- Aiko - LatiDoll LatiYellow Lea SP - Tiny (20cm)

• Are they boys or girls? 
We have boys and girls. From mine, all are boys except for Danielle. From my mother's, they're girls exept for Byron and Sam. Mi sister's doll is a girl.

• Are you selling them? Can I have them?
No, I won’t sell my dolls. I had to save for so long and work hard to get mine. If you want one, save and buy one yourself. My mother and my sister neither want to sell their precious dolls.

• Did Toshi (aka Norlij) come with elf ears?
Yes, the Dollzone Floy mold has elf ears. A few years ago they selled a limited Floy with animal ears [link].

• Did Daisuke and Byron come with elf ears and fangs? 
Yes, all Dollzone Leo and Angell Studio Van--Count Version molds have elf ears and fangs.

• How have you got your Dollzone Leo? Can I buy one from the Dollzone site? 
Dollzone Leo is a limited doll. To get it as gift, customers had to make an order of +400€ from November 1st 2008 to February 28th 2009. I got mine in December 2010 from Dollzone Spain, where they had it on stock and made a "Christmas Event" where you could buy it for low prize (even I took advantage of an offer from a Christmas event and I got mine with a discount, so it was even cheaper). Maybe you can find a second hand one on eBay or the marketplace in BJD's forums.

• How have you got your Dollzone Fox? Can I buy one from the Dollzone site? 
Dollzone Fox is a limited doll. To get it as gift, customers had to make an order of a doll above 280€ from October 25th 2007 to December 25th 2007. We got ours in December 2012 from Dollzone Spain, where they had it on stock and made a "Christmas Event" where you could buy it for low prize (even I took advantage of an offer from a Christmas event and I got mine with a discount, so it was even cheaper). Maybe you can find a second hand one on eBay or the marketplace in BJD's forums.

• The Christmas baby is cute/weird/scares me. Where have you got it?
It’s a Dollzone baby from 2009 Christmas event. To get one (there were four to choose from; two girls and two boys), customers had to make an order from November 1st to December 31st 2009 with any purchase valued over 200€; if the value was over 400€, customers got two babies. My mother got hers in December 2010 from Dollzone Spain, where they had some babies on stock and made a "Christmas Event" where you could buy it for low prize (even I took advantage of an offer and she got hers with a discount, so it was even cheaper). Maybe you can find a second hand one on eBay or the marketplace in BJD's forums.

• Why do you call Toshi with other names, as Norlij or Satoshi? 
Norlij is his demon name. Satoshi is the name he uses in the human world, so Toshi comes from Satoshi. For more info, read his profile here: [link]. I prefer to call him Toshi because I began to call him this name when he arrived.

• Toshi and Shun and hybrids and I've noticed that they have "exchanged bodies". Why did you do that?
Toshi is a Dollzone mold in an Angel of Dream body and Shun is an Angel of Dream mold in a Dollzone body. It was just a coincidence by the twists and turns of life. Initialy I changed Toshi's body, buying a new one that could fit better with the character. I kept the body in the box and a few months later I decided to retain the body and buying a head for it. Coincidentally, the head that I liked was an Angel of Dream one, that could have been from any other company that matches with Dollzone or even Dollzone itself.

• Have you made their face-up?
Maiko and Danielle have their default face-up.  My sister’s doll, Aiko, has her face-up done by other person. The rest of our dolls have their face-up made by me.

• Do you take face-up comissions?
No, sorry! I'm not that good at it as for taking them.

• Do you make their clothes or have bought it?

I'd wish to know how to sew and design their outfits then. All their outfits are bought from different online shops. They are thousand of them where to buy outfits for BJD, more or less expensive.

• Do you make their wigs or have bought them?
I haven't made any wig, although there are people who accept orders and can make your desired wig. Wigs our BJDs have are from different shops: CrobidollLutsLeekeCanCan and Dollmore. I have also purchased other on eBay.

• Are all your dolls based on your original characters?
Yes, all of them but Aiko and Mabushiko. I like to draw and creating characters. You can see drawings of them in my Artworks blog or dA. A few examples:

Toshi (aka Norlij)  - (year 2009)
Maiko - (year 2011)
Byron (year 2005)
- Daisuke (year 2011)
Danielle  (year 2005) - Now she wears a new haircut.

Although I haven't drawn Shun, Hiroki and Akane yet, they were born as a character first and then they came as BJD's. I hope to draw them soon though!

Mabushiko, Sam and Dean were born from the moment the BJD's were obtained and have never drawn them. Aiko belongs to my sister, so it's her OC.

• Where can I read your story?
There is no written story yet. Just bits and pieces in my mind. I'm not good at writing and haven't set a solid plot for my stuff, so I just have chunks of plot here and there. I'd like to write some stuff eventually, but for now, there is no written story.

Also I have to add that Aiko, Akane, Hiroki, Mabushiko, Sam and Dean don't belong to the story of the rest of our dolls.

 About our Monster High 

• ¿How many dolls do you have? ¿Can you list them?
I have 7 dolls, if you see 17 is because I share this hobby with my mother, who has 10. 

My dolls:
- Nina - Draculaura "Picture Day"
Ophion - Deuce Gorgon "Scaris"
- Venus - Venus McFlytrap "Ghoul Spirit"
- ??? - Catty Noir "Ghoul's Night Out -básica-"
- Billy - Invisi Billy "Scaremester -básico-"
- Jasmine - Spectra Vondergeist "Ghoul Spirit"
- Hans - Slo Mo "Ghoul Spirit"

My mother's dolls:
- Wendy - Clawdeen Wolf "Wonder Wolf - Power Ghouls"
- Stella - Frankie Stein "Picnic Casket"
- Jackson - Jackson Jekyll "Picnic Casket"
- Lupita - Skelita Calaveras "Scaris"
- Montserrat - Viperine Gorgon "Frights! Camera! Action!"
- Njord - Heath Burns "Home Ick"
- Dana - Toralei Stripes "Coffin Bean"
- Rosy - Bonita Femur "Freaky Fusion"
- Jane - Jane Boolittle -básica-
- Nelly - Honey Swamp "Frights! Camera! Action!"

• Will you sell your dolls?
No, any of our dolls is for sale, so don't ask about it because you know the answer.

• Why do you change the name of the dolls?
Our dolls don't represent the original characters from the series and movies, so we have created our own characters and stories for them.

 About collecting dolls 

• Aren't you too old to have dolls?
No, collecting dolls is ageless. In fact, BJDs are dolls for collectors and are not suitable for small children because they need special care and have dangerous pieces that could do damage.

As for "Monster High" dolls, more and more adult collectors surrender to "Monster High" dolls by the variety of characters and creativity they can provide. From my point of view, I see them more as collectible dolls than to give them as a toy to children who doesn't appreciate what they have and will destroy it when they get tired of them.

• Why do you take photos of your dolls? 
I love photography and being so original, customizable, jointed and varied dolls, they awake my creativity to capture different situations and scenes with them through photography. 

 About my photos 

• Which photograph camera do you use?
I used a simple one, an OLYMPUS FE-230/X790. In June 2013 I bought a Fujifilm FinePix s2980. The first shot I did with the new camera was for the 2nd annyversary of Danielle, so from that entry on, all photos are taken with this camera unless otherwise specified.

• Do you edit your photographs digitally? Which program do you use?
Yes, I use to edit them if they're too dark or I don't like their colours. I use  Photoshop CS2. 

• Can I use your photos for avatars/signatures/wallpapers/ etc.? 
Short answer: NO. You may not edit any of them, so please don't use my photographs without my consent.

• Can I repost your photos in my blog/website?
Only, and I repeat, only if you ask for permission and give credits, I'd let you know. If I find any of my photos in your website, I'd do all the possible to report you because I can prove that my photos are mine, even if you have removed the watermark.

 About this blog 

• Why do you only post photos of your dolls and write things related with them? Why don't you post other thoughts about your life?
I've created this blog for our BJD's only, is totally dedicated to them, so you won't find any other detail about my life here and don't ask me about do it, please. From time to time, I write and upload photos on other topics and it's possible that in a certain moment I write a review of my private live on having been related with this hobby.

• How can I leave a comment in the posts of your blog?
All posts have comments enable and this option is just at te end of each entry, so you should be able to write them. If you can't find how, just look at this image (click it for a better view):

If you can't find it, maybe you're seeing the post and then the box to write the comment is at the end of the post:

• I don't have a Blogger/Google account but I want to leave a comment. How can I do it?
Just click on "Comentar como" and you'll see some options:

As you see, if you have a Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM or OpenID account, you can use it to leave a comment loging in your account. If you don't have any of these accounts, just select "Nombre/URL" and write your name and website URL (it can be any website provided it's not offensive or pornographic, please. If you don't have any, just leave it in blank). If you choose "Anónimo" your comment will appear with no name and I won't know who you are 

• How can I subscribe your post when I comment?
If you do it from your Blogger or Google+ account, you can automatically subscribe to the post to know when a new reply is published in the post you comment. To do so, be sure to select "Avisarme" before to post your comment. This way you subscribe to that post and you will get the next comments and replies in your e-mail inbox. I know for sure that this option isn't available as "Anónimo" (Anonymous) or "Nombre/URL" (Name/URL) and honestly, it would be a good idea it would have it.

• How can I subscribe your blog and posts?
You can follow me in some ways:

1. Just follow me by using your Blogger or  Google+ account. On the right sidebar you can see the "Followers" gadget. Just click on "Participar en este sitio".

2. If you have Bloglovin', just follow me. On the right sidebar you have the link.

3. By e-mail. Just subscribe by adding your e-mail address on the right sidebar box which says "My posts by e-mail". And be sure to confirm your e-mail address when you receive the first e-mail to your inbox and from that moment you will recieve an e-mail each time I post a new entry.

Thanks a lot if you follow me! ^___^

• I have written a comment but has not been published. Why?
Comments are moderated, so I decide what is published and what not. You just have to wait I see it and decide if it's acceptable to be published. I try to post them as soon as possible, usually I take from minutes to two days maximum, it all depends on if I have time to check my blog. Usually I publish all the comments you leave unless if they're not related to the topic of the post or the blog, see cases like these that I consider spam: 

1. "How cool your blog is, if you follow me, I'll follow." / "Comment in my blog, please" (with a link included).
Or you show that you have read the post or I don't allow this type of bahaviour. You can add a link to your blog/s if you comment properly, but I will decide if I want to follow or comment in your blog.

2. Ads. Comments that demonstrate a commercial interest are strictly forbidden and therefore, never be posted. Example: 

"You have a nice blog. If you want to make money check out this link".
"Product at a good price, check out this link".

And I could go to infinity.

3. Disrespect. Wether to me, my dolls, blog or other person who has left a comment. I don't like this behaviour and therefore, I don't allow it. I understand that you don't share my or any other reader opinion, I don't care if you want to express and debate about it, but I don't accept insults or rudeness of any kind. So please, don't insult or use a rude vocabulary and have a minimum of respect for me and all other readers. If the problem is that you don't like my dolls or the blog, just close the page and check out something else that is to your liking. 

• Do you answer the comments?
Yes, I like to answer the comments readers leave me, even if is only to give thanks. I know that I haven't replied some old comments, sorry. 

Update: October 1st, 2014

 If you have any other question, just write it in the comments and I'll add it with the answer in this section ^_^

Maiko, Norlij, Daisuke, Danielle, Byron, Mabushiko, Daisuke, Sam, Dean, Shun, Akane, Hiroki, story, and photos are ©Diabolikal Lily (2003-2014) / Genwaku (2011-2014)
Aiko is ©Águeda (2011-2013) / Genwaku (2011-2014)
- Monster High ©Mattel

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    I really liked your photos of the Queen of Hearts and thought it was a good representation of the colour red.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my latest dress it's lovely to hear from you.
    Sandi X

    1. Hi Sandi!
      I'm sorry to hear that. Comments in all my posts are enable so you should be able to write them. Anyway I show you an image to show you where to find it: link

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