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5 de septiembre de 2010

Maiko Profile


Mold: Dollzone  'Yage' 
Skin: Yellow Skin
Bithdate/Arrival date: 4th September 2009
Size: 1/3 - 60cm
Wig: CanCan - Purple (she also has a black long haired wig. Vain girl...)
Eyes: Dollmore - Blue greyish (glass)
Face-up: Default
Custom: ---
Owner: My mother


Name: Maiko Hirohata
Nickname: ---
Age: 20 years old
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese 
Sex: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Boyfriend: Byron
Family: Aunt and uncle (with whom she grew up) and two yourger cousins


Likes: Occult sciences, fashion, literature (she likes mystery an horror novels), to compile supernatural stories based in true events, cinema, music and to pull Toshi's leg. She’s a fan of Tim Burton and the series “Supernatural”.
Hates: To get bored, stupid people, spoiled brats, sports and sunbathing.
Style: Gothic and elegant. Dresses, skirts, tops, animal print clothing, boots and platform footwear. Sometimes she dresses in jeans and T-shirt. She usually wears black, sometimes combined with other colours.
Favourite colour: Black and purple tones
Favourite music: Gothic Metal
Personality: She’s a pretty good-humoured girl, very feminine, self-confident and a girl of strong character. She’s a stubborn, persistent and gets her own way.
Features: She can see and talk to spirits and predict future from dreams. She’s learned to live with these abilities.


Story: Maiko had a car accident when she was a child. Her parents died and she was in comma for a few days. When she woke up, she found out that her occult powers aroused. Since that moment, she can see and talk to spirits and predict future from dreams. As she was an orphan, her aunt and uncle brought her up.

At school and high school she turned into the odd girl who everybody was afraid of, so she was always alone until she met Toshi, a demon boy that didn’t had friends. Since that moment they are close friends, as they have a lot in common.

Toshi was a friend of a vampire who was tired of his immortality and he was introduced to Maiko, she fell in love with him and her love was back.


In early 2004 I created a female character whose name was Lucy and had the personality and appearance of Maiko, but it was a character who never got to develop despite having drawn her a couple times. When my mother decided to buy her first BJD and told me the story, personality and look she wanted for her doll, I was surprised that she was so similar to Lucy, so we talked about it and decided that we would merge the two characters, being born in this way the Maiko now you know.

by LILY SKADI (a.k.a. Diabolikal Lily)
(Artworks drawn by me 2012 - 2015)

For more illustrations, visit my pages on:



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