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6 de septiembre de 2010

Toshi (a.k.a. Norlij) Profile


Mold: Dollzone 'Floy' (a.k.a. Norris) 
Arrival date / Birthdate: 26th November 2009
Skin: Yellow Skin
Size: 1/3 - 62cm
Body: 62cm boy - Angel of Dream (Normal Yellow)
Body arrival date: 20th August 2012
Wig: Crobidoll – Navy Blue (he also has a blue one of sinthetic hair from "CanCan" and another one from eBay. He likes changing his hairstyle) 
Eyes: Angell Studio - EY16024 - 16mm (glass)
Face-up: Mine (Lily Skadi)
Custom: ---


Demon name: Norlij
Human Name: Satoshi Akumakai
Nickname: Toshi
Age: 20 years old
Race: "Demon" (he comes from a paralled world, confused by hell)
Power: He can handle electricity at will
Nationality: He has grown up in Japan.
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Girlfriend: Danielle
Family: Mother, older sister and a young nephew, Daisuke.


Likes: Visual Kei and its fashion. Playing electric guitar, crucifixes, chains and objects in skull form. To pick on people who think they are better than others. To play with his hair to change his hairstyle. Action, martial arts (he likes the actors Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee) and Tim Burton’s movies. 
Hates: Humans (he can make an exception, as for Maiko). People and crowds (but he likes concerts), bright colours, noisy girls and sunny days.
Style: Visual Punk. He uses to dress in black, combining some red or white. Tight trousers, net T-shirts, chains, original clothing, boots and booties (usually with platforms), necklaces with spikes and/or tacks. 
Favourite colour: Black. Red also looks like a good colour for him.
Favourite music: Visual Kei, Metal, Industrial. His favourite band is D'espairsRay. 
Personality: He is cold, reserved, very mysterious and really ill-tempered. He is an antisocial because of humans. He only shows his emotions when he trusts in you (and it’s not easy).
Features: He is left-handed but it isn’t difficult for him to use his right hand to do some things, as playing guitar.
As he is a "demon" who uses electricity, he does not get on well with electronic machines, there’s always a damaged machine if Toshi is very angry near it, but he likes video games and playing electric guitar though.
He has pointy ears and though the mold doesn't have vampire fangs, he does.


Story: Toshi is a "demon" who has grown up in the human world and brought up by his mother, who abandoned the world they come from with her two children. As he was different from other children, he never knew what friendship was because he was discriminated and anybody wanted to be friends with him, so he turned out wary and thinks that human are miserable beings who are even worse than demons. He had just a friend in high school, Maiko, a girl unlike any other and who he maintains friendship with. His best friend is Byron, a vampire who did not want to keep on living and he is tired of his immortal life.

One night, when Toshi was walking with no direction, he found a girl lying in the floor who was badly injured and almost dead. He did not know why, but he decided to keep her to Byron’s home, where the girl, Danielle, recovered from her wounds a few hours after. She was a new-born vampire. Byron told the girl in what kind of being she was turned out, so she got depressed because of what happened to her and her family. Toshi helped Danielle to get over her depression. A few time later, their friendship ended up in love.


It was late 2003 and at that time I liked to draw fanarts, so one day I wanted to draw one of Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) in my style, but the character didn't look like him and ended up becoming an original character, so that's how Toshi was born.

At first I named him Norlij, which consists of random letters and I gave that new character a story and personality. By the drawings that you see below you can see the physical evolution of the him, while preserving his blue hair, Visual hairstyle, red eyes, pointy ears and Visual Punk look. The only change I have made is that I ended up removing that tattoo on his right arm.

by LILY SKADI (a.k.a. Diabolikal Lily)
(Artworks drawn by me 2012 - 2013) 


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