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10 de enero de 2015

I like - I dislike

At Café Articulado, one of the forums about BJDs that I frequent, there is a quite interesting topic in which is asked what are the things that stimulate you and what depress you in the hobby, but here I'm going to change it and put it as "what I like" and "what I dislike" because as someone said in the thread, this is a hobby and therefore is to enjoy it. I found it very interesting and I want to share it with you in my blog, although it has been interesting to know what other users think and how they live the hobby and that makes know a little bit about those known of the forum.

Thanks to topics like this one, makes you see things clearer about how we live the hobby and in my case, I have to say that are things I've thought about many times and made me see that I've changed a lo since the time when I started in this hobby until today.

In this post I'm going to add some things I didn't write in the forum for not writing a novel XD So enjoy reading to know me a little better. Maybe surprises you some of my opinions ^_^

Photography: I have always loved photography but I never was interested in learning how to use a camera to take the most out of it until the moment I had a doll. Thanks to BJDs I have known another hobby even if it is learning through experience. Also I have to add that I went from a compact camera to a hybrid one that I'm still learning to use, so that says a lot about this "new" hobby.

Customizing: I like that they're fully customizable. Now I have dolls of my dreams and thanks to this, I also discovered that I like to make face-ups. By now my face-ups aren't good, but it's something I enjoy.

Sharing: I love sharing my photos in forums and other sites and despite my photos aren't very good, there are people who like them. I don't have many friends with whom to talk about this hobby, anyway I have fun talking with them about our resinous and the projects we have with them... although there are things I don't tell them to give big surprises XD

Affection: Although they're just objects and therefore, dead beings, I never could imagine that I'd love my dolls as much. They may be simple material objects, but they help me to entertain myself by dressing them or thinking about the next photo shoot.

Other people's galleries: I love looking at the photos that other people take of their dolls. There are people who takes as beautiful photos that is a great pleasure to see them and encourage me to take as good photos theirs (although I don't get it XD).

To enjoy them: I admit it, I love playing with them, either by dressing them or inventing possible photo shoots and photostories that never materialize. Although I mentioned in other posts that I am aware that they are dolls, they are special dolls that make me a little happier. It's also very funny to create their personality and story. That person who doesn't have a doll like these ones, won't understand these words.

Writing in my blog: I started to write here around four years ago and each day I like to write here more. At first I only used it to upload galleries of my dolls, then I started to write about my experiences that I have been having with them and recently I also write about opinions and reviews about the hobby, so I could say it has evolved to have a varied content. I don't use to get comments and I'd wish people would comment with their opinion about some topics, but it's something I don't really care enough as to stop writing in my blog.  

Recast: At first I thought "how cool must be to purchase an as expensive doll to a lower price". Even I thought of purchasing one and try. Now not, they're copies and therefore is something that is causing much damage in the hobby. And the excuse "is a limite doll and I couldn't get it otherwise" is not good enough, my answer is: "If you wanna see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain". They're still a copy. Said that, I respect people who purchase recast because everyone does what they want with their money and I've had friends who have had recast dolls and I respected their decision.
Note: In this post you can read my opinion about this topic.

Future: It scares me to think what will happen with my dolls the day I won't be able to take care of them due to age or I pass away. I don't know what care will give them after all I'm doing for them, to keep them in good condition. Neither I know in what condition they'll be in the moment this happen and maybe I'm torturing myself for nothing. 

Customs: I've suffered them several times and  just when my last doll arrived with my mom's doll, deciding that they were the last ones, was when most had to pay customs feeds. To this day, we still have decided that we don't want more BJDs and it's been almost two years since the last dolls arrived. 

Community: I know there's a little bit of everything. I like to visit forums and try to interact, but I can't avoid to see that there are pretentious and very, very false people. I'm very sorry if someone takes it personally, but I hate the falsehood is inside the hobby and see how someone is criticized in the back and then they suck up to them. I have it clear, if I don't like someone, I don't even comment their galleries despite I like their photo shoots. 

Shopping: Yes, I hate buying and spending as much money on this; dolls, clothing and complements for them XD To date, I can see that they're complete and finally I can relax and fully enjoy them. Now I only purchase somthing I really like and want to have and it happens once or twice a year... if I purchase something. I guess when some time pass, I'll enjoy shopping because now I'm overwhelmed.

Not finding some clothes: For 16cm tiny boys is very difficult to find clothes (why is everything for girls? Don't boys have the same rights?), Goth clothing for busty SD girls, or not effeminate Punk/Heavy/Visual clothing for boys because there are clothes for boys that our girls wear and fit much better on them. It's also a nightmare to find Metalhead clothes for 70cm dolls. And when I find something, is as expensive that I don't feel like spending +100$ in a doll set when I don't spend it for myself.
As a friend told me, my problem is that their style is so defined that's why I find it hard to find what I want, as as I told her, I'm not satisfied with just substitutes, I also want authentic clothes of those styles. 

Wishlist: It's something that overwhelmed a lot and I decided to eliminate it. Good thing that I only had it for a month or around XD It was the best I could do since I have no temptations to purchase new dolls.

Prices: Everything is very expensive and I think that they deceive us with the price we pay. I understand that they are hand made dolls and making so small clothes and accessories is difficult, but anyway there are shops that go so far. We only have to think of the price difference from a company to another of dolls of the same quality or even inferior... and maybe inferior quality dolls are being sold more expensive just for being from a more "prestigious" company.

Thinking about the invested fortune: I don't even want to calculate how much I've spent in these things. And thanks that I have never sold any doll, although I'd have to sell some wigs and clothes because don't fit them.

- To buy something and then doesn't fit the doll: And this has happened to me many times with Maiko. Although she is a SD doll, her measures are similar to SD16 and therefore, not everything suits her, especially because she has big breast and wide hip. Luckily Danielle came and she can use those clothes (you can see photos in this post). And it has also happened with many boots that I have purchased for Toshi, thinking that he could use them because the measures of them made me think that, and then it turned out that the zipper didn't go up, even almost broke the zipper of a pair boots. Thanks that Danielle and Maiko can use them, but it's money that I could have saved.

And I end here because if I think of more things, I'm sure that I add more. Curiously I have written more things that I dislike than I like, which doesn't mean that I don't enjoy this hobby. I look at it like I know to see the negative side of it and I accept it as such.

And you, what do you like of this hobby? And the least?

Thanks for your visit! 

2 comentarios :

  1. Well that was a very interesting read Lily, some of which I think similarly as you and the other, well we have to agree to disagree...not all of us are the same and I guess that's what makes us interesting to others.

    I always enjoy your posts and it's fun getting to know what "makes you tick", we will always be blogging buddies, even though we are on the opposite sides of the world and may never meet in person.

    Have a lovely weekend Lily.

    1. Hi Sandi!

      Thanks for reading this long post and comment ^^ Yes, you're right, we all not have to agree or disagree the same things and that's what makes us special.

      Internet is a great tool, thanks to it we can meet interesting people, right?

      I'll keep writing more interesting posts like this one, it seems that people enjoy them :)

      Hope you've had a great weekend.
      Hugs XXX


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